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Tax Time Is Coming

Tax time is right around the corner…Are you aware of all the deductions you are entitled to as a writer or author?

33 Tax Considerations @111Publishing Speaks #EBBB (via

33 Tax Reductions for Writers Last year Doris-Maria Hellman had a post on her site about tax information that writers and authors should know. I thought that the information was very helpful and asked her to do a guest post for my readers. As April…

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Easy Peasy, Cause That’s How I Roll

I Have Made it Super-Simple

Many of my followers, from when I first started my blog over a year ago have ambled over to my new website, but I have made it even easier for those of you who are still following this webpage to follow my new site. Let’s face it, I want to do things the easy way and I think that everyone else would like to do it that way too. Follow these easy steps and you too can join my 6,000+ followers who followed me right over to the new, better, expanded site.

First, go to, simple enough right?

Second, locate the “Follow” button follow screen and click it to make it full size follow full. (Still pretty easy right?)

Third, and this is probably the hardest part, enter your email address. That is usually something like “” or “”. Of course those can’t be your email addresses because I already have them – kidding (maybe).

Once that is completed, you will have access to all of the original content I had on this site, updated information – because, hey, things change daily in publishing – along with the new features like reviews, author interviews, guest posts and every time a new podcast episode is uploaded for either Bluebonnets, Bagpipes and Books (B3) or B3‘s Bookworm (B4). Also, the site will be expanding to include more information for writers, publishers and readers, so you really don’t want to miss out on all the changes to come and the new information that will be shared.

An Ebook Conversion by Any Other Name

This post was updated and migrated to the new web home of E-BookBuilders.
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