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Box Sets Are A Win-Win

Whether you are a reader or author, don’t forget the importance of a box set… new readers, new authors and multiple reads by genre or any other criteria should never be ignored.

B is for Box Set #AtoZ #EBBB (via

Who Wins With A Box Set? Recently one of my favorite author clients asked me to do a box set for her and five other authors. Each author had written a successful series and their idea was to take the first book in each series and bundle them together…

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Network Your Way To A New Career

Job hunters and those thinking of changing careers should pay attention


Perfect Book for Networking by @EllisChase2 at @baconpressbooks #EBBB (via

Networking for a Job Search or Career Change Ellis Chase is an experienced career management consultant. He is a sought-after speaker, known for his ability to connect with and motivate his audience. Whether he’s talking to large groups or individuals…

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Trolls and Bullies. . .Aren’t We Still Human?

Online Trolls

Online Trolls and Bullies – Are We Really Shocked By Kindness and Kudos? #EBBB (via

In a world of online trolls, bullies, jerks, troublemakers and booger-heads; unexpected kudos add sunshine to someone’s day. There is so much attention out there about trolls and cyber bullies, do we forget that not everyone is a jerk or a-hole?…

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Review – The Kingmaker’s Daughter Audiobook

The Kingmaker’s Daughter – Audiobook #EBBB #Review (via

The Kingmaker’s Daughter by Phillipa Gregory December 9th – 11th brought yet another mad-dash, across-the-state road trip to my schedule and yet another opportunity to spend multiple hours in the car listening to an audiobook. I might have forgotten to pack my brush and face-powder (not good considering this trip was for a court appearance) but I did not forget an audiobook to take me away from the boring monotony of 24 hours of windshield time. For this trip I choose ‘The Kingmaker’s Daughter’ by Philippa Gregory – book 4 of the Cousin’s War series. (Yes, last trip I listened to The White Queen and thought it was wonderful – my review is on the site.)

Part of this novel’s time-frame overlap with The White Queen, told from another perspective and to be quite honest, I thought Anne – the main character – and all of her family were whiners because I was still mentally in the mindset of Elizabeth from the previous story. It took almost half of the audiobook for me to drop my own attitude that had me muttering to myself that the Nevilles of the story were traitors and liars and actually experience the story from their point of view without the Woodville‘s point of view intruding…

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Scottish Author/Writer Co-Host Wanted!

Scottish Author/Writer Co-Host Wanted!.

Press Release

Scottish Author/Writer Co-Host Wanted

Be the new resident Scot

Houston, Texas, September 16, 2013:  Today it was announced that Bluebonnets, Bagpipes and Books, the publishing, writing, and reading podcast, is searching for at least one new co-host.  They are looking for a Scottish (or possibly Irish) author or writer to join in the discussion and zany antics. Those that are interested should be familiar with writing and grammar rules as well as having a sense of humor and the ability to not take themselves too seriously. B3 is an 18+ podcast due to language but they do give authors and publishers valuable information regarding publishing, writing and promotion.  If you or someone you know fits the basic criteria please contact to set up a time to talk There is no standard interview or audition – just the ability to speak about writing and/or publishing, interact with the two remaining co-hosts and help entertain our worldwide audience. More information can be found at


Easy Peasy, Cause That’s How I Roll

I Have Made it Super-Simple

Many of my followers, from when I first started my blog over a year ago have ambled over to my new website, but I have made it even easier for those of you who are still following this webpage to follow my new site. Let’s face it, I want to do things the easy way and I think that everyone else would like to do it that way too. Follow these easy steps and you too can join my 6,000+ followers who followed me right over to the new, better, expanded site.

First, go to, simple enough right?

Second, locate the “Follow” button follow screen and click it to make it full size follow full. (Still pretty easy right?)

Third, and this is probably the hardest part, enter your email address. That is usually something like “” or “”. Of course those can’t be your email addresses because I already have them – kidding (maybe).

Once that is completed, you will have access to all of the original content I had on this site, updated information – because, hey, things change daily in publishing – along with the new features like reviews, author interviews, guest posts and every time a new podcast episode is uploaded for either Bluebonnets, Bagpipes and Books (B3) or B3‘s Bookworm (B4). Also, the site will be expanding to include more information for writers, publishers and readers, so you really don’t want to miss out on all the changes to come and the new information that will be shared.

Do You Follow My Blog? Big Change Taking Place Now

We Are Moving
Follow Us There

Remember a couple of months ago when I told you big changes were coming for my blog? When I originally wrote that, I had planned to completely revamp my blog, start adding new services and start a second podcast. Since then I decided to go in a totally different direction and move / redirect everything that is here on my blog to my new website. That’s right, I’ve made it easier to get to my site. There will be no new content on; from this point on everything will be on the new website (

Just click on the logo in this post and you will be taken right to the home page. How simple is that?

Some of the new capabilities of having are:

  • Calendar – for listing events, book launches, free promotions.
  • Podcast “blogs” – both of the podcasts that I host/co-host and produce are listed in one site while being divided according to show.
  • Indie Professionals List/Directory – want to find a new editor or graphic designer? These pages will be a place to start.
  • Updated services roster – E-BookBuilders has expanded out of just formatting of e-books.

In an effort to streamline my workload and improve efficiency, it was time to merge all three of the blogs that I am a poster on to a central location.

It is my hope that my fantastic followers from here will join me at where there will be even more great content and information about publishing, indie publishing, writing and formatting. Most of the original content from this blog will be removed and only be listed on the website.

Thanks to everyone who has made my experience on this blog so terrific and gave encouragement and support. I have fantastic followers and I am very appreciative of that fact. Drop by my new interwebs “home” and drop me a note.

Turning Your Manuscript into an Audiobook

Recently, while doing some research for a friend, I stumbled upon a lady who makes professional-quality audiobooks. My first thought was that my clients, as well as my author friends, really need to consider making audiobook conversions of their manuscripts, as I’m a huge fan of audiobooks. I love the process of slipping a CD into my car stereo or hooking up my mp3 player to my car jack and listening to something while I am driving around town or on a road trip. In my family, we listen to audiobooks a lot.  I have J. K. Rowling and Jim Dale to thank for getting us hooked on that format.

To get back to the point, I want to introduce all my readers to Francine, so without further ado, here she is: Read more…

In Praise of Audio

Earphones(Ear Bud type Phones). Picture taken ...

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Another holiday driving season is over- whew! – and it brought to mind just how much my children and I have enjoyed unabridged audiobooks.

I originally became a fan of  audiobooks when my oldest son – now 18 – was  8 years old and we would make 10 – 12 trips a year across the state of Texas. Usually these trips were at least 8 hours and there is only so much you can do in a vehicle for 8 hours without kids getting bored, cranky, whiny or all three.  To us, the audiobook of  “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone” opened up a whole new chapter in our lives.

We would put in a cassette tape and be transported by Jim Dale‘s wonderful reading of this story. A story I might add that I was interested in, but had no urge to read if I had any free time.  Suddenly the long, grueling trip was over too fast – we hadn’t finished with the story…

As soon as we got to our destination, Alex and I went to the nearest Wal-Mart and bought the 2nd and 3rd in the series – we were officially “hooked”!!

It’s hard to believe that was more than 10 years ago and during that time we have listened to all different types of books – Dan Brown, Janet Evanovich, Stephen King,  Phillippa Gregory and of course every single J. K. Rowling!

There were 3 years that when my mother asked me what I wanted for my birthday (when I was 30+ years old) I begged for the then soon-to-be-released “Harry Potter” on CD or “tape” – I wouldn’t even buy a new vehicle unless it had a CD/Cassette player in it.

Alex, James and now Savannah and I have put a lot of miles on vehicles and listened to lots of audiobooks.  It is something we can do as a family, that encourages us to use our own imagination instead of a movie director’s vision for a story. I can say that we will be listening to our favorite books on our road-trips for many years to come.

Thank you for bearing with me on a post that had nothing at all to do with ebooks and letting me praise the audiobook. Next time you are taking a road-trip with your family, consider getting an audiobook from your library and having everyone listen.  It is an experience that you wont regret and just might help foster your young one’s love of the written word – all 3 of my children love books.  I highly recommend anything that Jim Dale reads as he does a fabulous job of separating the characters dialog.

See What Santa Brought Me

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Look at what I found in my stocking – give me your opinions.

Thanks Dillan Weems for your hard work in Santa’s workshop!

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