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Review – The Kingmaker’s Daughter Audiobook

The Kingmaker’s Daughter – Audiobook #EBBB #Review (via

The Kingmaker’s Daughter by Phillipa Gregory December 9th – 11th brought yet another mad-dash, across-the-state road trip to my schedule and yet another opportunity to spend multiple hours in the car listening to an audiobook. I might have forgotten to pack my brush and face-powder (not good considering this trip was for a court appearance) but I did not forget an audiobook to take me away from the boring monotony of 24 hours of windshield time. For this trip I choose ‘The Kingmaker’s Daughter’ by Philippa Gregory – book 4 of the Cousin’s War series. (Yes, last trip I listened to The White Queen and thought it was wonderful – my review is on the site.)

Part of this novel’s time-frame overlap with The White Queen, told from another perspective and to be quite honest, I thought Anne – the main character – and all of her family were whiners because I was still mentally in the mindset of Elizabeth from the previous story. It took almost half of the audiobook for me to drop my own attitude that had me muttering to myself that the Nevilles of the story were traitors and liars and actually experience the story from their point of view without the Woodville‘s point of view intruding…

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