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Don’t Make This Mistake and Lose Purchasers/Readers

I spend more time on Amazon and other retailer sites than the average Joe. In spending so much time searching for books, doing research, searching out books, keeping track of client’s ranking. WHile I have been spending so much time on the retail sites something has really bugged me…

Authors — QUIT Doing This! #PubTip #EBBA (via

Over the past few months I have been kicking the idea around of putting a book together with the information and tips I have geared towards newbie authors. While going through all the information that I have accumulated in posts from the past 2 years I realized I would be remiss if I do not address something that I have noticed with increasing frequency the last month or two while I have been on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other retailers.…

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One thought on “Don’t Make This Mistake and Lose Purchasers/Readers

  1. It gets worse. I was browsing the other day and came across one with no description whatsoever. There were twenty or thirty “This is brilliant/revolutionary/chilling/live-altering” reviews where the description should have been, but not one of them mentioned a single plot element. Being an ebook apparently without a print edition, there was no back page view I could use, and no actual purchasers had left reviews. There was literally no way at all for me to find out what the book was about. I left it alone.

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